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The league's main focus is on coaching & player development. Instead of scoring & winning, WCP's 3v3 League will emphasis on statistical analysis of each player's effectiveness and involvement in each game.

 It will focus on stats such as:

    *Passes attempted/completed                *Tackles attempted/successful          *Shots/shots on target/goals

    *Offensive 1v1 attempted/successfu       *Defensive 1v1 attempted/successful


These statistics will be documented and provided to the coach/manager of each team following their respective games. Coaches and players can use this data to highlight areas of success and address areas needing improvement. Parents will get involved by monitoring the statistics during each child’s game, in turn learning about the game and their child alike. We will be providing video training and easy to follow stat sheets. 

Pep Guardiola

The worst players, are training on the biggest spaces. Meanwhile, the best players are training on the smallest spaces, in that way they have less time for thinking and making decisions

Our league caters to the philosophies of coaches looking to play "Total Futbol" (Soccer) through possession, counter-attack, and counter-pressing. The 55ft x 24ft turf field forces players to play a more technical style of play and inevitably puts players in situations where quick decisive decisions must consistently be made. Because the ball never goes out of bounds, all players are constantly working on and off the ball thus improving cardio endurance, speed, agility, and reaction time.

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